Zumba 10 Day Challenge

April showers have been in abundance. It is only April 7 and yet I don’t think Whatcom County has gone a single day this month without rain (yes yes I know this is all part of living in Washington state). In my hopes to lighten my mood from all this depressing rain I decided I would start of my own personal 52 week challenge (Inspired by this great blog  http://the52weeks.com) by following the 10 day challenge guide for my new Zumba DVDs. I love Zumba with its amazing music that automatically makes you want to dance. It is the only time when I feel like I actually have some smooth moves. For me starting off this challenge with a healthy vibe was the way to go for me.

Why do Zumba as my first weeks challenge?– Simple answer I just got the DVDs and I have never stuck to doing Zumba for more then a couple days at a time. I think it is finally time to get my little bum in gear and become obsessed with Zumba so that one day I will feel confident enough to go to an actual Zumba class (Another goal for my 52) Since I was a senior in high school and gained a whole bunch of weight, from being in a very emotionally abusive relationship, I have been trying to get my body in great shape. The problem is I never make it to the finish line. I can get really close but for some reason I always falter. Well NO MORE!!! I am determined to become healthy and happy and a person who loves to be active!!!

How did I enjoy the experience?– My whole body feels like its changing and in only 7 days that is indeed impressive. My abs in every direction feel like I have been doing no stop crunches and my back just knows that I have been using some upper body arm workouts… The biggest thing though is that I can feel a difference in my legs which are getting all nice, toned, and all around sexy. I just know if I kept at this the rest of my body will start to feel like that too!! For me though the best part is that I actually sweat, Meaning I know I am getting a great workout in because I actually need a break to catch my breath. I am also loving the music and learning all the moves. It is taking me a while but I am finally starting to feel a little bit confident when I plug in the DVD and begin my session.

All in all for my first week I can say goal accomplished with great success. There was no weight loss to be found here (though maybe a half inch or so); just the state of mind that I am doing something to become a healthier and better me. It will be nice when one day I can slid on that two piece swim suit with confidence but until then I am going to keep up with my Zumba at least a few times a week.

On top of my Zumba experience this week I have also been trying to think of the other things I could do for my 52 week challenge. At the moment I am coming up with only small things but when I think about it the small things are sometimes the best things to work on.

Take this week with my Zumba; I have owned the original DVDs for a really long time and yet have never found a way to stick to them. This week however I have found that I am enjoying the process of learning to dance. I have never been good at swaying my hips but its starting to come together and I feel a little more lady like by the day. The music is fun and though I don’t always love every dance that I have to do during my session by the end of the hour I am full of energy and super proud of myself. The next step is to incorporate the originally Zumba with Exhilarate so that I get the best use out of my purchases…. And lots not forget the treadmill I love to jump on and walk with on a daily basis.

Till Next Week!!!

p.s. I Promise next week will be a whole different aspect of my life. I am actually excited for it too which may seem funny to some. Can’t wait to share!


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Cathrine McLaren
    Apr 08, 2012 @ 06:55:36

    You make me want to try Zumba – in the privacy of my own home of course!


  2. Jumping Jacs
    Apr 23, 2012 @ 05:30:07

    I’m on day 3 of the ten day challenge. Thanks for the post. I will report back after the 10 days.


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